Solar energy

advantages that benefit everyone.
And everything.

The benefits of commercial-scale solar energy extend far beyond fiscal savings. Solar benefits the world economically, environmentally and socially. Here's how:

Economic Solar Energy Advantages

Solar Energy Setup

  • Can be permitted and installed faster than other traditional or renewable power plants.
  • Has a predictable energy curve and is most efficient when utility rates are at their highest.
  • Produces local, on-site energy, which reduces the need for extensive high-voltage transmission lines or a complex infrastructure.
  • Reliable over the long term. With no moving parts, fixed photovoltaic systems last longer than other energy sources.
  • Predictable pricing that is equal to or below retail energy rates.


Environmental Solar Energy Advantages

  • Clean, quiet and visually unobtrusive in nature. Solar energy plants do not have any polluting emissions, do not make any sound, and are not considered to be an "eyesore."
  • Uses little to no water in the production of zero-emission electricity.
  • Can be placed in virtually every geographical region because the sun is available everywhere.
  • Offsets the need for polluting, expensive and inefficient "peaker" power plants.


Social Solar Energy Advantages

  • Creates clean, renewable energy that will sustain and support the health of future generations.
  • Is a distributed generation ("DG") energy source that can mitigate national security concerns about energy disruption.
  • Supports national energy independence because solar electricity is used where it is generated.
  • Creates good, local jobs for the new energy economy. In fact, solar energy creates more jobs per megawatt hour than any other energy type.

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