Aloha kākou!

As a Native Hawaiian and an owner of National Indian Energy Group (NIEG), I know that NIEG shares our love and respect for our culture, spiritual beliefs and aloha for our 'āina. Through this kuleana, NIEG will ensure that our natural and cultural resources are maintained and honored. NIEG will comprehensively assess our resources, work to understand our needs, and assist us in reaching true sustainability, prosperity and self-sufficiency.

What Does NIEG Do?

 Our service portfolio can provide or assist with:

  • Broad-based economic development
  • Renewable and sustainable energy development
  • Sustainable Living Systems
  • Infrastructure programs
  • Job creation
  • Education and training
  • Kākou alliances
  • Contractor management support
  • Agency liaison
  • Environmental Permitting and Community & Land Use Planning support

While NIEG provides many different services, our primary focus is on building sustainability through the development of community-based renewable energy resources such as solar, wind, hydro, geothermal, biomass and even municipal solid waste recycling - all resources that can be directly beneficial to Native Hawaiians and others of the same interest. Other helpful sustainable technologies include atmospheric water collection, alternative agriculture, biomass heating, reforestation, sewer water treatment and reclamation, etc. Everything around us, put here by Ke Akua for our use, is part of a prosperous living society.

How Does NIEG Do It?

NIEG's goal is to bring protectors of the 'āina together with trusted renewable energy partners, while, at the same time, show hō'ihi and mālama for Hawaiian beliefs and values. We offer our kōkua to create self-determination and prosperous communities in which Native Hawaiians and others of the same mind can one day be self-sufficient in providing food, energy, housing and basic economic needs - saying 'a'ole to outside assistance. Our goal is to ensure that there is no empty chair on the panel - that Native Hawaiians and supporters with the same mana’o have a voice like everyone else. In order to be successful, we need to move forward with the times - and one of these movements involves renewable energy options. Let us all come together to the table to wala'au about building sustainable, prosperous communities. It is our kuleana to work together to make it pono for everyone.

Aloha pumehana, from Washington D.C.,
Ku’ulei Stockman
Vice President, Governmental and Community Relations

1st Annual Tribal Sustainability Conference

May 16-19, 2011

Billings Hotel and Convention Center, Billings MT

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